PalmRose version 1.03

PalmRose is a Palm application made to demonstrate a user interface for small devices in which letters are placed on a grid(affectionately named 'Rose'), allowing words to be made with strokes of a styllus (instead of just letters as is the common practice).

A screenshot of PalmRose in action (on the Palm devkit emulator):

The current grid ('Theranis') was made from a weighted reorganization heuristic(think of it as a self-reorganizing tree). Go here for more information.


Hehe, why not? Actually, use the grid a little and you'll see what I was trying to hit on. Simplicity and speed. Something that wouldn't take a huge learning curve to get achieve a reasonable wpm. Being able to strokes words instead of letters is inherently more efficient. In my (not-so-unbiased) opinion the Rose grid has already surpassed the efficiency of graffiti-styled interfaces. It has not yet matured past a good virtual keyboard.


Newest version: 1.03 Bugfix release

Application and Source

The source is under a Public Domain license.

Version History

1.03 (7/25/2003) - More bugfixes, blocks should not stay highlighted when moving the styllus at high speeds now.

1.02 (7/23/2003) - Bugfixes, grew the hot area for the letters.

1.01 (7/22/2003) - Changed grid layout to the 'Theranis' grid layout.

1.0 (7/20/2003) - Initial Release


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